Why You Need a Financial Analyst This Year More than Ever

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Whenever you are a business owner, company director or member of the board, planning investments to grow your portfolio can be a tricky endeavor, to say the least. Most people who dabble in the markets know how to watch what is happening from a current and historical vantage point in order to forecast where they expect movement in the near (if not distant) future. However, this year there have been some major political upsets that have sent the world of investments spinning and no one knows exactly where it will land. If ever you needed the advice of someone with an online masters in business administration and a specialization in finance, this would be the year. Here’s why.

Major Predictions Just Didn’t Hold True

The first reason why you should rely on a financial analyst to help you invest wisely is because of all the controversy that is setting the market abuzz. Everyone predicted a Clinton win and in the odd chance that it was a Trump win for presidency, it was predicted that the bottom would immediately fall out of major markets and that we would be on the road to another monumental recession within days of the victory. Oddly, the exact opposite rang true and the media is livid that their predictions were wrong. In fact, after the Trump win markets hit their highest points since 1999 and no one would have guessed or predicted that kind of gain.

Why They Had It Wrong

The biggest reason why there were so many doomsayers prior to the election is because of the major news networks that are notoriously left-leaning and in the pockets of Obama and Clinton. None of the major news outlets dared contradict what the reigning Washington royalty predicted would happen and so investors bet heavily on a Clinton win. Thousands lost money as a result of following ‘tainted’ news and if they had bothered to ask their financial analyst what they felt could happen, it might have been another story altogether.

Then There Is Brexit

The next political upheaval that set the press abuzz was the outcome of the Brexit referendum. It was predicted that if the leavers won there would be a major recession in the UK as well, but to date, that hasn’t transpired. In fact, the economy of the UK is still strong as they work out the details for that final day when they are no longer a part of the EU. It may impact the economy of the UK and Europe and then again, it may not. A financial analyst with an online MBA is Internet savvy enough to read between the lines of what political analysts are predicting to get a real picture of the economy on which to base their investment forecasts and advice.

If ever you needed a financial analyst, the time would be now. You cannot listen to how the media tells you the economy is going because over the past several months they have been wrong – dead wrong that is! A financial analyst is trained to see beyond the politics of Wall Street and can, thus, make a more accurate projection of the future, short and long term.

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