Money Hacks To Help You Reach Your Savings Goal

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Saving money can be a challenge but it’s not impossible. With the following tips, over the course of a few months, you’ll notice your savings start to grow as long as you implement these practices and stick to them.

Create a budget

It’s great to have an idea of how much you’re spending and how much you want to be spending. Track your spending over the course of a month, and after you see your results, see if you can create a budget based on your newfound information. If you find that you’re spending a bit too much in one area, perhaps take a look and see if everything in that category is actually a necessity or if it’s merely a luxury.

You can start to do things like buying one less coffee a week or packing your lunch instead of buying out. While it may sound small, you’ll end up saving quite a bit if you stick to it over time.

Pay bills on time

This one sounds obvious, but it’s really crucial. If you don’t prioritize paying your debt on time each month, you can really get hammered down with interest rates and penalty fees. If there are certain bills that are about the same each month, try to automate those payments in your bank account so that you don’t even have to think about them.

Use your credit card rewards – or open a card with rewards

Double check which credits cards you’re using, if any. While opening a credit card can seem counter intuitive to saving money, some credit cards do have some excellent perks. For instance, the Amazon Prime Chase credit card accumulates rewards that you can then use as a credit on your next Amazon purchase.

As long as you’re paying your bills on time, it may make sense to open a card. If you’re a traveler, consider opening a travel card that can help you build rewards and save money on future travel expenses.

Double check how much you are spending on utilities

You should also check on which company is providing your energy at home. If you find that your provider is overcharging, consider switching to another one. is an excellent source if you’d like to compare energy prices or find another provider.

Alternatively, use cash only

If credit cards are too daunting or you find yourself overspending with a card, you can also opt to cut cards out entirely and pay only with cash. Take out a certain amount of money once a month and try to use only that cash to buy things. It will be much easier for you to avoid tempting products when you see your money disappearing from your wallet.

Sell things you don’t need – thrift things you do need

With the wonders of the internet age, you can opt to sell your clothes online. Of course, there are online platforms such as Ebay and Amazon that allow you to sell things, but there are also websites such as Poshmark, ThredUP, and Tradesy that are geared toward young women (and men, in the case of Poshmark) to sell their trendy and brand name clothing.

Go Green

Consider where you can save in other areas. For instance, don’t buy plastic water bottles. Perhaps buy a reusable water and a water filter, so you always have water when you need but without having to spend each time you want to fill up.

Also, consider making your own cleaning supplies instead of buying harsh chemicals. Most cleaning supplies can be made with vinegar and other solutions that you may already have in your kitchen. Your wallet will thank you and the Earth will thank you!

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