How and Why You Should Invest in Health Informatics

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As one of Ireland’s most influential health informatics CIOs (Chief Information Officers), Richard Corbridge has been quoted as saying that when you invest in health technology you are not making an investment in Information Technology, IT, but rather in the way in which healthcare delivery is being improved for patients. There is no doubt about the impact that health informatics has had on patient care and that is really what health care informatics is all about anyway. With a shortage of qualified medical personnel, the computer science health care industry is stepping up to the plate.

So Now You Know the Why – Or Part of It!

Yes, the bottom line is on improved healthcare and part of the reason why you should invest in health informatics is because this particular technology enables patients to take a hand in their own care. Even with the Affordable Care Act, high deductibles and long waits at the few providers who take the insurance put patients in an untenable position. Health informatics provide real-time data that is transmitted to providers via mobile technology.

If there is a problem in the data being sent, the provider immediately responds, calling for the patient to be seen ASAP. In other words, health informatics combined with wearable technology is like being monitored in hospital but at home. Enhanced patient care, then, is the first half of the ‘why.’ The second benefit of investing in health informatics is obviously going to be the return on your investment. With a technology so highly in demand, there is almost no way not to make a profit!

How You Can Invest in Health Care Informatics

There are two main ways in which you can make an investment in health informatics, the first obviously being to buy shares in a company that develops the technology. This can be software or hardware, but you might want to spend some time researching startups with promising new technology because the cost per share will most often be low and new technology might be just what the market needs in the moment.

The other way in which to invest is to be a part of the solution. Study for an advanced degree in computer science health care, commonly referred to as health informatics, and you will be in on the ground floor of this much needed technology. With a healthcare informatics masters degree you can earn a decent living as a CEO at a major medical institution, putting patient metrics to work in providing improved patient care. So then, you could invest in the market or you could invest in your career but both are lucrative investments expected to offer a great ROI.

Even before President Obama brought affordable healthcare to the public eye, it was evident that we were dealing with a broken system. There are not enough doctors to go around already and with boomers hitting their senior years, that shortage is going to reach epidemic levels. Health informatics is transforming healthcare and with advances being made by the day, patients can take some of the onus off the medical profession, giving them improved personalized care they deserve. Looking for a sound investment? Health informatics definitely bears closer attention.

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