Can REITs Predict Interest Rate Moves

With all the recent chatter about the Federal Reserve tapering its bond buying program, coupled with the talk about interest-rate increases, I found that several of the large REIT ETFs have been under performing the market in recent times. Of course, REITs in general are all sensitive interest rate moves as higher rates translate to … Read more Can REITs Predict Interest Rate Moves

September Stock Considerations

A new month is upon us which means it’s time to take a look at the market in general, our portfolios and cash on hand to invest and make our September stock selection(s). August was an interesting month for me in terms of my stock picks as it was the first time in about seven … Read more September Stock Considerations

August Stock Considerations

It’s the start of another month which means August stock picks must be made. With the market in a seeming tailspin the last couple weeks or so many “old” stocks are presenting new and attractive buying opportunities. Some of my favorites such as McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) has dropped considerably from about $103 to around $93, … Read more August Stock Considerations

July Stock Considerations

Another month is already upon us and as a dividend growth investor that means I am on the lookout for new purchase opportunities. For those who have been following my recent buys you will note that I have been heavily favoring the financial sector because of its relative value compared to the market as a … Read more July Stock Considerations