2 thoughts on “Should You Use A Managed Account?”

  1. Well, I do acknowledge that there are multiple ways to make money in the stock market and binary options through a managed trading account may be one such strategy. Although, years ago, I was interested in binary options (and even tried dabbling in it myself), I realize it was not for me. Granted, I did it on my own and didn’t use a managed trader, but it felt more like gambling than anything.

    But that is why I like the DGI strategy so much. It doesn’t feel like gambling, but more like investing. It’s simple, and I understand the pros and cons of the strategy. I think I would have a hard time trusting a managed trader for binary options, but that’s just me. I’m sure others would feel differently. Nonetheless, it was an interesting read.
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    • Hi DP,

      I totally understand where you are coming from. I have heard from many that binary options feels like gambling much more than trading/investing and that long term it may not be a winning strategy. That’s why I’m on the DGI route as you are and will be happy going the slow and steady route that seems more reliable and predictable than binary options. As always, I appreciate your comment.


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