Recent Stock Purchase May 2023

With May ending and the markets giving us better buying opportunities, I decided to add to some of my existing positions. I couldn’t resist some juicy yields, as a result of stock price declines, and decided to deploy a larger tranche this month compared to my small buys in April. Some of you have been unimpressed with my recent buys because I am deploying relatively small amounts of cash. That’s OK. This is how I invest. My preferred method has always been to dollar cost average into stocks. I nibble here and there every month no matter the market conditions. Sometimes my dollars buy me quite a few shares, other times the same amount buys me less. Either way, I am building up my positions and slowly increasing my passive income stream. With that being said here are my buys for May:

05/04/2023UGIU G I CORP15-$447.98
05/10/2023UGIU G I CORP5-$148.65
05/12/2023UGIU G I CORP5-$142.75
05/26/2023UGIU G I CORP4-$111.84
05/26/2023TA T & T INC6.546-$100.00
05/26/2023VZVERIZON COMMUNICATN2.8722-$100.00

As you can see I stuck to my May 2023 stock considerations pretty closely. I always like to lay out my potential buys each month as it gives me a general road map of stocks I’d like to add. In all, about $1,000 of fresh capital has been added to my portfolio. These recent buys continue to put me on track towards beating my 2022 dividend income totals. I look forward to seeing what my half year dividend income will be ending next month as that will give me a clearer view of what to expect towards the end of 2023.

What stocks ave you been buying in May? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long UGI, T, VZ

2 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase May 2023”

    • Hi desidividend,

      I’m just averaging down on VZ. It’s still a small part of my portfolio and the yield appears to be safe even at elevated levels. I would like to add to AVGO too but now at current levels. Thanks for sharing.


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