Understanding FICO

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As an investor, you know it’s important to make your money work harder for you. But if you’re like many investors, your knowledge of FICO credit scores may let you down. Many American investors don’t understand how their FICO credit scores can impact their finances, or how the investment decisions they make could impact their FICO credit scores.

No matter what type of investments you make, you should have a basic knowledge of FICO credit scores, their components, and how they’re calculated. You can put your financial knowledge to the test with the Test Your FICO Credit Score Knowledge quiz from Health IQ. While this test doesn’t delve too deeply into the nitty-gritty of FICO credit score issues for investors, its questions address a broad range of credit score topics that all Americans should understand.

Do you know how to improve your credit mix, credit history, or borrower’s payment history? What about how opening new accounts or shopping for loans will impact your credit score? Choose the best option from the multiple choices and get instant feedback on your selection. You’ll get a virtual pat on the back when you get questions right and more information about the questions you get wrong.

Take the Test on Your FICO Credit Score Knowledge quiz and see how your knowledge of credit scores stacks up to other Americans’. Invite your friends to take the test too, and compare your results. Whose knowledge of credit scores reigns supreme? Or visit Health IQ’s daily quizzes to find more quizzes on credit history or insurance.

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