Recent Stock Purchase April 2019

From late March till late April today, the stock market has been looking quite strong once again. Of course, these days looking at any short term trading range is meaningless as we have witnessed extreme volatility the last several months. Up a few hundred points one day, down a few hundred the next. Where can we find stability? I’ll tell you… with our dividend growth portfolios. Wild market gyrations are no match for the diversified power of dividend paying stocks. Even with a cut or two the overall trend for passive income is up. This is why I continue to make at least one monthly purchase no matter what the financial markets are doing. It is that consistency that allows one to build up an ever increasing passive income stream over time. With that being said and sticking to my April stock considerations:

I have added to my ROTH account 15 shares at $77.99 for a total investment of $1,169.85 in AbbVie Inc. (ABBV). With this recent purchase my ROTH account holdings in ABBV now totals 35.0663 shares with a market value of $2,720.09. I also hold 151.9875 shares with a market value of $11,789.67 in my taxable account making ABBV one of my largest holdings overall. While I still like company very much long term I may want to look elsewhere for my next buy as my weighting becomes heavier in that stock. ABBV was also my sole purchase in March.

A couple weeks ago ABBV was trading well over $80 and my buy price was anything below that figure. Seeing ABBV in the high $70s once again compelled me to pull the trigger.

What do you think about my recent buy? Are you looking at ABBV or other health stocks? Seems like the entire sector is falling out of favor these days. There are still quite a few high quality high yielding names out there. What are you buying? Please let me know below.

Disclosure: Long ABBV

23 thoughts on “Recent Stock Purchase April 2019

    • Hi FF,

      Well seems like many in the DGI space are liking CVS and/or WBA in the space. Health in general has been lagging in April. There are many good names to choose from in the space.

    • Hi MDD,

      Something is triggered in my head when I see ABBV below $80. I just buy. Of course, with my position already quite large I may want to lay off a bit and look elsewhere. Consistency is key with DGI!

    • Hi DD,

      I still like ABBV a lot but have to be careful not to get in too heavy. I started looking at GILD as my next potential buy in the health space. It was yielding over 4% for a day or so recently. I started looking at WRK too, by the way. I might want to venture into that space again with WRK or back to IP.

  1. It is quite enticing these Abbvie prices. I opened a position in WBA last week, I’ll be looking at abbvie again next month. It already is one of my larger holdings.

    • Hi MR,

      Like ABBV, I see several WBA buys as well. Health in general has been pretty beaten up in April which is giving us some pretty good buying opportunities. I wonder why I don’t see GILD in the mix?

  2. Nice purchase and at a very attractive price. I’ve been adding to my position of CVS Caremark (CVS) during February and March. My eyes are now on Abbvie (ABBV), especially when it trades below $80 a share. The yield and payout are too good to pass by. In my opinion, these are the only two stocks which are significantly undervalued right now. Congratulations! 👍

    • Hi dividendcompounder,

      Thanks for those words. CVS and WBA are two names I have seen floating around the DGI space in recent weeks. I can see why. I still like my ABBV at any price under $80 and GILD is looking interesting to me as well. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi DD,

      Seems like many in the DGI space are liking this pick up. Health has been pretty bad in April and many great names seem to be on sale. I see WBA as health 🙂 Nice buy.

    • Hi TI,

      I agree that their pipeline seems pretty full. A lot of worry about Humira exclusivity expiring seems to have kept the stock down for a while. As long as I see it under $80 I will continue to consider adding. In the meantime, GILD is looking interesting to me as well.

  3. Keith,

    Nice move. I like ABBV, the market is there and there will always be a need for new medications – and I think they can be part of that solution. The market may be overvalued, but so many individual companies are fairly or undervalued – like ABBV.

    – Gremlin
    Dividend Gremlin recently posted…Recent Buy Part 2, April 2019My Profile

    • Hi DG,

      Well said. We invest in individual stocks not the market as whole. So let the market rise… there’s always an undervalued gem to uncover.

    • Hi DD,

      There are still quite a few high yield plays to choose from… ABBV, GILD, T, MO, PM among others comes to mind. No shortage of good long term picks.

    • Hi D4J,

      I think I might be full on ABBV for now unless we see a serious price drop. GILD has been on my radar. Was yielding over 4% not too long ago. Thanks for commenting.

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