Why Dividend History Matters When Investing In Dividend Stocks

This is a guest contribution from Nick McCullum of Sure Dividend Dividends are an important part of shareholder total returns. The following chart compares the long-term price returns (excluding dividends) to the long-term total returns (including dividends) of the S&P 500 (approximated using the ETF SPY).   Source: YCharts   The 10-year rolling total returns … Read more

Using Fundamental Trends to Find Potential Dividend Investment Ideas

There’s a good reason dividend investing has become so popular with the personal finance community. In short: because it works! After all, the right portfolio of diversified dividend stock picks can help you collect income right now, and for years to come. Plus, any reinvested dividends will go on to pay their own dividends as … Read more

Investment Decision Essay

Experts are happy to tell you how important it is to invest your money in order to make it grow. However, they don’t always tell you where you are supposed to get the money to invest, especially when you are trying to balance all of the expenses that come with daily life against the future … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase June 2017

It’s been almost a full month since my last recent stock purchase was made which just highlights my frustration in June for finding places to deploy my fresh capital. While the stock market continues to melt up seemingly every week taking many of my holdings up with it, finding good to decent value is becoming … Read more

BACS Payment Services Make Banking Easier

The following is a guest blog post: There used to be a day when everyone wrote checks, stood in line at the bank to make house and car loan payments and filed a lot of paperwork for every major event in their life. For businesses, it was even worse. Then, along came automatic banking. Banks … Read more

The Four Mental Hurdles Every New Investor Needs to Overcome

The following is a guest blog post: Let’s face it: if investing was as simple as it seemed on the surface, just about everyone would be raking in big bucks, right? However, we all know that finding success via the stock market is much easier said than done. Although becoming an overnight success story certainly … Read more

Why Trade Precious Metals?

The following is a guest blog post: Precious metals such as Gold and Silver have been highly prized since ancient times, as they were used as the raw materials for coins and jewelery. Today, they have wider ranges of use, from industry to dentistry, but their principal value is as tradable commodities. There are 3 … Read more

Why I Started Trading CFD And Gave Up Conventional Stock Trading

The following is a guest blog post: My primary aim has always been to make a supplemental and steady income that would last. That was one of the reasons why I even got myself to any kind of trading. I am not one of those people who loves taking great risks. Give me few extra … Read more

Binary Options In Decline

The following is a guest blog post: Binary options trading can look like an exciting alternative to a lot of investors. We’ve gone over the basics before, but just to recap, this is a type of trading in which you’re betting on an outcome, rather than actually buying stock. You invest based on the idea … Read more