How and Why You Should Invest in Health Informatics

The following is a guest blog post: As one of Ireland’s most influential health informatics CIOs (Chief Information Officers), Richard Corbridge has been quoted as saying that when you invest in health technology you are not making an investment in Information Technology, IT, but rather in the way in which healthcare delivery is being improved … Read more

December 2016 Stock Considerations

The final ‘stock considerations’ of post of 2016 is finally at hand. At the beginning of the year it’s sometimes hard to imagine what the next twelve months will have in store for us as we outline our dividend income goals, future buys and more. What is certain is that no one can accurately predict … Read more

College Degrees with the Highest ROI

The following is a guest blog post: With college tuition fees on the rise, making sure that you choose a degree course with a good return on investment is important. When choosing a subject to major in at college, it’s not only important to consider the various things that you are good at and are … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase III November 2016

Here’s an event that doesn’t occur often… my third tranche of buys in a single month. In fact, the last time I made three separate buys in any of my portfolios in one month was back in September 2015. I guess this just illustrates my take on certain individual stocks and the better buying opportunities … Read more

Be Like Buffett: Penny Stock Day Trading Techniques From a Financial Icon

The following is a guest blog post: You don’t get to be classed as an investment guru without doing more things right than wrong with your stock picks, and Warren Buffett has been producing solid returns for his followers for many years. His trading techniques are legendary and if you can apply his stock-picking philosophy … Read more

Implications of a Trump Presidency to Stocks in Different Industries

The following is a guest blog post: From the just concluded US elections, Donald Trump emerged as the presidential winner; coming as a surprise since markets had already calibrated a Hillary presidency into their assets pricing. With Trump headed for the White House, a lot of economic policy changes he had been advocating for during … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II November 2016

As the financial headlines and talking heads all discuss a “rotational shift” in the stock market, we are suddenly presented with new buying opportunities in whole sectors as well as individual companies that have not been available to us in a long, long time. We have already witnessed the entire REIT sector, especially health REITs, … Read more

Options Trading Basics for Beginners

The following is a guest blog post: This article covers some basic stuff related to options traders. What are your choices when you are long or short an option? You have three choices: sell it (if you are long) or cover it if short, exercise it if long, or allow it to expire worthless. And that’s true whether you own … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase November 2016

Well, the unexpected happened, and I’m not talking about the U.S. election results. I’m talking about the wrong, wrong, wrong headlines “predicting” a market meltdown should Donald Trump be elected president. Sure, all the pollsters have egg on their faces as their crystal balls all failed them at predicting a Hillary win and the “educated … Read more