Recent Stock Purchase II October 2016

I always end my ‘Recent Buys’ posts with the caveat that Mr. Market can always spring up some new opportunities not outlined in my monthly considerations posts. Generally speaking my ‘considerations’ posts offer a pretty solid road map for potential purchases I’d like to make in the upcoming month, and since I have started blogging … Read more

Here’s The Right Way Investors Can Trade Binary Options

The following is a guest blog post: Investopedia said sometime in August that it saw a six-fold week-over-week increase in the page views of an article on how to trade binary options in the US. The translation of this is that an increasing number of folks in the investment-sphere are interested in binary options. The … Read more

Keeping Cool With HVAC Dividend Stocks

Investing in boring industries rarely gives your portfolio a “shot in the arm” in terms of dramatic capital appreciation but what it can do is provide stability and predictability in terms of tempered growth and a potential reliable source of dividends for decades on end. One such “boring” industry that rarely gets discussed is the … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase October 2016

With three weeks of October in the books, I felt it was time for me to pull the trigger on at least one monthly buy as I have been doing for many, many years during all market conditions. I have to admit, it’s refreshing to see several of our fellow dividend bloggers continuing to make … Read more

How I Choose My Dividend Stocks

With dividend growth investing being a very popular method for creating a growing passive income stream for the long haul, many first time investors might feel intimidated by the process of actually building up and creating their own dividend investment portfolio. While I can understand the hesitation and resistance some might feel to wanting to … Read more

Baby DivHut Dividend Income Portfolio Update Q3 2016

With three quarters of the year now in the books, it is time, once again, to take a look at baby DivHut’s dividend income progress in 2016. I like to do these baby DivHut updates three or four times a year as not much changes in his portfolio on a month to month basis. I … Read more

Dividend Income Update September 2016

All you sucka’s gather ’round, there’s a new dividend income report coming to town. So get on up and check the scene of the latest September passive income stream. If you crave satisfaction then dig this dividend action:   Brokerage Account Year to date dividends: $2,856.98 ROTH Account Year to date dividends: $1,141.05 IRA Account … Read more

October 2016 Stock Considerations

Here we are, entering the final quarter of 2016. It kind of scares me to write that as I look back at the last nine months of the year and wonder at how fast it all flew by. Baby DivHut celebrated his first birthday earlier this year, we took a nice long road trip in … Read more