Recent Stock Purchase April 2016

As with the month of March, I saved my monthly buy for the end of April. Of course, there’s good reason for my infrequent buys as of late, as values and good yield are that much harder to come by. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful feeling seeing your portfolio value rise week after … Read more

The Basics of Spread Betting Explained

The following is a sponsored blog post: Spread betting can be a powerful way to increase the diversification of your side hustle and earn a significant amount of money without necessarily being concerned about market conditions. Whether a bullish or bearish sentiment dominates, this independent tool is indeed worth a second look. So, what are … Read more

DivHut Turns Two

Time waits for no one as we can all attest to that fact every time we post our monthly dividend income results and marvel at how fast each year goes by. I can hardly believe that it has been two full years since I started blogging at DivHut and began sharing my real world portfolio … Read more

High Volatility in the Oil Markets

The following is a sponsored blog post: Being a rather astute investor like most of you, I tend to only make investments that I feel are right for me or that are more than likely to pay off. While most of these are reviewed regularly, they are longer-term holdings that don’t require any intraday fiddling … Read more

Dividend Portfolio Sector Allocation April 2016

Every few months I like to take a look at my portfolio holdings and examine my overall sector allocations to see if they meet my comfort level as to how my capital is distributed. As we all know, market forces affect certain sectors at different times throughout business cycles which can often throw many portfolio … Read more

Time To Sell Low Yielding Dividend Stocks?

As dividend growth investors we seek to continually add to our income producing portfolios in an effort to generate an ever increasing passive income stream. Central to this occurring is finding the perfect balance of high enough yield that is sustainable versus the lower yielding dividend stocks that exist. While yield cannot be the only … Read more

Dividend Income Update March 2016

It’s dividend income update time. One of my favorite times of the month as I get to review my previous month of passive income received from my dividend income portfolios.   Without rehashing the wild ride we experienced in the market the last quarter, I could find comfort in one thing, my dividends. As we … Read more

April 2016 Stock Considerations

What a difference a few short months can bring. As 2016 was getting underway, negativity surrounding the marketplace was mounting. It seemed that with each passing day and week all the major averages were getting decimated as we saw the DOW and S&P fall from their late 2015 highs and all the talking heads and … Read more