Recent Stock Purchase March 2016

With just a few days left in the month of March, I’m happy to announce my latest dividend purchase. This has to be one of the longest stretches of time between my buys as my last buy post was published on February 8 announcing the addition of 73 shares of ADM to my taxable account. … Read more

How to Fight the Psychological Urge to Spend on Payday

The following blog post was submitted by Nathaniel Berman of SheBudgets According to new research from Michaela Pagel, an assistant professor at Columbia Business School, and Arna Vardardottir of Copenhagen Business School, individuals across the income spectrum spend more on discretionary goods — things like clothes, entertainment, and fast-food meals — on days they get paid. By studying electronic … Read more

Contracts For Difference Explained

The following is a sponsored blog post: What is a CFD? A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a financial derivative that allows traders to profit, or incur losses, relative to the price movements of an underlying financial security. The Contract for Difference is an arrangement for one party to pay the difference in value from … Read more

Dressing Up Your Dividend Portfolio

Investing In Infant’s And Children’s Clothing Dividend Stocks   With baby DivHut being born last March I seem to have taken an interest in featuring his own dividend growth portfolio along with other baby related posts this month. Last week I wrote a blog post describing various dividend paying baby formula stocks that exist and … Read more

What Every Long Term Investor Should Know

The following is a sponsored blog post: Long term investors often find that their patience pays off. It can be alluring and easy to switch from one investment to another due to short term results. These instant outcomes, however, are not indicative of how the stock, bond, or fund will perform in the future. Long … Read more

How a $20,000 Loss Became The Best Investment Ever Made

The following blog post was submitted by Nathaniel Berman of SheBudgets When most people start off investing they, like many others, think they’re going to rich beyond their wildest dreams. Just like those commercials about no money down real estate and how you can make a ton of money in a short period of time, we’re … Read more

Feeding Your Portfolio Baby Formula

With baby DivHut turning one recently you could say that the month of March centered mostly around him as well as my personal one year anniversary of being a father. After one year of changing diapers, feedings and formula, among other things, I began to think about his portfolio as well as other baby-centric dividend … Read more

Some Tips About Dividend Investing

The following blog post was submitted by Anthony Prams of As clear as it sounds dividend investing consists in buying stocks from companies that pay dividend. This concept can be seen as a conservative strategy due to the thorough stock picking process that needs to be done in order to successfully beat our benchmark. … Read more

Baby DivHut Turns One

This month I am celebrating a very special milestone as it is one full year since I became a father. We all know how fast time flies in retrospect, but for me to acknowledge that I have a one year old is pretty insane. Exactly a year ago I announced on this blog that, There’s … Read more