Recent Stock Purchase II January 2016

With a volatile January behind us I was able to make several small purchases in my accounts as I wanted to use up free trades that were credited and set to expire at the end of the month. I managed to scrounge up a few hundred dollars per trade and figured at zero commission I … Read more

February 2016 Stock Considerations

With the final trading day of January upon us, it’s time once again, to outline my potential stock buys for the upcoming month. The point of these posts is to help take some of the guesswork out of where I plan to allocate my fresh capital going forward. By making my selections ahead of time … Read more

Recently Announced Dividend Raises January 2016

As dividend income investors we are constantly seeking reliable sources of passive income from profitable companies that share their revenues with shareholders. But most of us take it a step further than simply investing in dividend stocks. After all, what good is a dividend distribution if it is not sustainable and gets cut or worse … Read more

Getting Defensive With Defense Stocks

With the world markets in a seeming free fall with no bottom in sight it can become easy to get distracted by all the financial news headlines touting bear markets, deflation and recessions. These headlines can easily instill fear in anyone who is currently in the stock market or thinking about getting into the market. … Read more

Market Upheavals: Do You Stay In or Out?

The following is a guest blog post: The financial markets have got off to a bad start in 2016 with the value of the major stock indices and commodities taking a free fall. But is it entirely a bad start? Yes, it may be bad for those who are long on these assets but for … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase January 2016

With two weeks of 2016 pretty much in the books I am happy to announce my first purchases for the new year. Of course, these buys come at precarious times as the financial world seems to be sitting at a tipping point between total collapse and the slow “melt-ups” we have been experiencing. As one … Read more

Why Investors Should Take a Look at Biotech Stocks

The following is a guest blog post: Biotech is said to be the new gold mine. Several companies have had astonishing growth rates during the last decade and investors made big money. Nevertheless, many retirement investors still exclude the biotech sector completely. That, however, is a mistake. The common argument is that biotech is riskier … Read more

Baby DivHut’s Dividend Income And Portfolio

2015 has been a very memorable year for me as I welcomed the birth of my first child in early March. With all the uncertainty and questions that inevitably come up when becoming a first time parent, one thing I was certain of was wanting to start a dividend growth portfolio for my child. Sure … Read more

Dividend Income Update December 2015

The start of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. December was exciting as ever as my year over year numbers continue to highlight the trifecta magic of dividend investing which includes, adding fresh capital, … Read more