Building A Financial Safety Net: My Real World Experience

Recently I was asked to share my personal experiences regarding my opinion on achieving financial success. While being a very broad question that has different meanings and answers for specific individuals, I can summarize the answer to this question in one word, ‘time.’   There’s little debate that time is the ally of anyone seeking … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase IV – June 2015

Well this is a first for me. I have never made as many purchases in one month as I have this month. I have made buys every week in June which is much more than my usual one or two purchases made in a typical month. I guess with the market at all time highs … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase III – June 2015

There’s little doubt that current stock market headlines are creating an enormous amount of volatility in the market today. With the stock market averages at all time highs it seems like everyone is itching for that one catalyst that will hammer stocks back into submission.   One such potential catalyst that seems like a familiar … Read more

Shaving Off Dollars From My Shaving Routine

While the majority of posts on my blog are centered around all aspects of dividend investing every once in a while I like to highlight some of my real world money saving techniques that I employ. A while back I wrote about how I saved hundreds of dollars switching my mobile service to Ting and … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II – June 2015

As a dividend growth investor it seems that we get trigger happy any time a specific amount of cash sits in our accounts untouched. Dare I say it’s almost painful watching money earning close to zero percent sitting idle when, even in an expensive stock market, there are individual sectors and stocks that still present … Read more

Dividend Income Update – May 2015

The start of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. May was exciting as ever as my year over year numbers continue to highlight the trifecta magic of dividend investing which includes, adding fresh capital, … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase – June 2015

New month, new buys. Can you believe the calendar is already showing June? It literally seems just like yesterday we were all writing our 2015 goals and looking forward to the new year, and now almost half is gone. I guess this is a lesson that demonstrates how fleeting time is and whether you are … Read more