End Of Year DivHut Blog Stats

As 2014 comes to a close I wanted to highlight some of my blog activity to see how the site has grown since my first article was published in late April of this year. Back in September I highlighted my site traffic as reported from Google Analytics and thought it would be a good and … Read more

These Stocks Are No Dividend Lemons

Investing In Automotive Dealership Dividend Stocks   A while back I wrote an article titled, “Drive Your Way Towards Dividends,” where I discussed how the average age of automobiles on the American road stands at 11.4 years. Driving our cars longer than ever before, I highlighted many of the dividend stock beneficiaries of this trend. … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II – December 2014

It’s the middle of December and the headlines are still screaming lower oil prices and energy names. A few days ago I wrote a post about pure play iron and steel companies that are also experiencing the same sell off as oil. It seems that quite a few commodities are in a current free fall … Read more

Strengthen Your Portfolio With Dividend Iron And Steel

Oil, has been dominating the headlines on a seemingly daily basis. Of course this comes with good reason as a dramatic drop of almost 50% from summertime highs leave many asking the question of when the bottom will be hit. Though dramatic, the fall in oil price is hardly the only commodity to lose value … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase – December 2014

With oil grabbing the headlines on a daily basis, hitting new lows and taking down every energy name listed on the exchanges, I wanted to highlight some new purchases I made that are not in the oil patch. As I have stated before, I’m not against owning the energy names I just prefer a little … Read more

Dividend Portfolio Sector Allocation Update

Several months ago I posted an update highlighting my dividend portfolio sector allocation. It’s always important to be aware of your portfolio allocation as at times, especially when building out a new portfolio or a particular sector experiences unusual strength or weakness, balances can fall out of alignment and you are faced holding a portfolio … Read more

Dividend Income Update – November 2014

These are the posts that are the central reason we are part of the dividend growth community: Dividend income. November was another great month of passive income “earned” as I continue to build upon my snowball via annual dividends received. A couple months ago I reported how I exceeded $2,000 in dividend income for the … Read more