Do You Sell After A Dividend Cut?

As dividend income investors we ultimately choose our investment thesis primarily based on the state of the dividend payments that a particular company distributes. We check for sufficient current yield, dividend growth, sustainability and history of dividend distributions before we make an actual investment. Once we finally do pull the trigger and initiate a dividend … Read more

Are These Dividend Stocks Solid As Concrete?

Investing In Cement Industry Dividend Paying Stocks   By any standard the worldwide cement industry is enormous. Last year total revenues exceeded an eye popping $250 billion. Though a highly polluting and energy intensive business, the cement industry is important for virtually every economy on the planet. Besides for manufacturing and distributing cement, many companies … Read more

DivHut Blog Stats

The key purpose of DivHut is to highlight my investments in dividend paying stocks while sharing opinions and reviews of new potential investment ideas and concepts. As a blog, I am also interested in reaching out to get my message across and share my portfolio, along with highlights and lowlights, to as many people as … Read more

Are These Dividends On Your Shopping List?

Shopping For Dividend Paying Stocks In The Grocery Aisle   As you know, I think that dividend investing does not have to be hard. If all you did was simply look around at the products in your home or where you shop on a regular basis, you would have found the basis for an investment … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase II – September 2014

With some extra cash sitting in a money market fund earning close to nothing and one free trade in my ROTH account setting to expire in a few days I re-visited my recent blog post, “September Stock Considerations” and decided to act as several stocks from that blog post were trading much lower than in … Read more

Can REITs Predict Interest Rate Moves

With all the recent chatter about the Federal Reserve tapering its bond buying program, coupled with the talk about interest-rate increases, I found that several of the large REIT ETFs have been under performing the market in recent times. Of course, REITs in general are all sensitive interest rate moves as higher rates translate to … Read more

Recent Stock Purchase – September 2014

Finding bargains in the market today has become an ever increasing challenge as the months have been rolling by and the market as a whole kept marching to all time highs as well. With that being said, I find that several stocks in the financial sector, despite being near or at all time highs, still … Read more

Dividend Income Update – August 2014

It’s dividend income update time. One of my favorite times of the month as I get to review my previous month of passive income received from my two dividend income portfolios. August was an interesting month for me as I initiated three new positions in the Canadian banking space. I have added TD, BNS and … Read more

Dividend Portfolio Sector Allocation

Several dividend investing bloggers have been asking me to highlight my sector diversification from my brokerage account and ROTH account. For those who are regular visitors to DivHut and have seen my portfolio, you already know that I do not own any REITs or MLPs. Not that I’m against those investment vehicles I just followed … Read more